Frequently Asked Questions - Q12: What about gamma-tocotrienol?
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: What are tocotrienols?
Q2: Where do tocotrienols come from?
Q3: What are the proven health benefits of tocotrienols?
Q4: Which of the proven health benefits were carried out clinically on human?
Q5: Were the studies mentioned above carried out with palm based tocotrienols? This is because of the significant different in ratio of tocotrienols to tocopherol in palm based tocotrienols (3.5:1) compared to rice based tocotrienols (1:1).
Q6: The above human studies were for therapeutic conditions. Is there a RDA for tocotrienols?
Q7: What is then the recommended daily dosage for people (normal everyday people) without any therapeutic condition but would like to have the benefits and protection of this new super vitamin E, palm phyto-tocotrienols?
Q8: Why should anyone take tocotrienols? I'm already taking tocopherol Vitamin E.
Q9: What can I expect from taking tocotrienols regularly?
Q10: How are tocotrienols absorbed in the body?
Q11: Being a vitamin E and since vitamin E is extensively used in cosmetics and personal care products, what proven benefits do tocotrienols have on prevention of skin aging and skin damage by ultra-violet rays?
Q12: What about gamma-tocotrienol?
Q13: Are Tocotrienols safe?
Q14: Can I get enough of tocotrienols from my normal diet / food?
Q15: Can I get tocotrienols simply from using palm oil in cooking?
Q16: Who should take tocotrienols?
Q17: What should I look for when purchasing tocotrienols?
Q18: What about regulatory approval and registration of tocotrienols?
Q19: Will tocotrienols be The Vitamin E for the New Millennium?
Q20: Why is tocotrienols much more expensive than tocopherols?
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What about gamma-tocotrienol?


As far as cholesterol reduction is concerned (not antioxidant activity), both the gamma-tocotrienol and delta-tocotrienol are as effective (Dr A. Qureshi – European Patent No. 0421419A3). Both of these tocotrienols are as potent in reducing total serum cholesterol level.